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Our work is dedicated to rebuilding the lives of injured Armenians through physical, mental and Vocational Rehabilitation.


Learn about stories of injured Armenians below or see the full list of prosthesis sponsored by Eternal Nation.

Artur Babloyan

Programmer, YEREVAN

Artur participated in battles in Jabrayil as military reserve. He was injured by a mortar. After being injured he and his friends hid in a barn and only 14 hours later were spotted by shepherds who transferred them to the Stepanakert hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were not able to save his limb. Nevertheless, his spirit was not broken by the war. After rehabilitation, he got a super functional prosthesis and learned programming. Artur is currently occupied as a programmer in an IT company. In July 2021 Artur got married.

Shahen Babayan

Telecommunication specialist, ARARAT

Shahen was enrolled in military service in Hadrut region of Artsakh. During retreat towards Martuni region he lost his leg in the result of a Bayraktar attack. He received first aid in Gishi hospital, where it wasn't possible to save his second leg. Despite the challenges he has come accross, Shahen is now leading an active life. He has attended several training courses and as a result found a job. Currently, Shahen studies at the Armenian State Institute of Phisical Culture and Sport.

Sargis Harutyunyan

Telecommunication specialist, YEREVAN

Sargis was a conscript in military when the war began. He lost his two legs, but never lost his optimism. His case is rather complicated, but thanks to his willpower, Sargis is now walking with prosthesis and moreover, goes in for sports. He has participated in a series of trainings and found an interesting work.

Tigran Grigoryan

Parasports athlete, ARAGATSOTN

Since 2011 Tigran had been in military service. Gratuated from the Military University named after Vazgen Sargsyan of MoD RA and received military rank of an officer. During the 44-day war lost his leg in the result of a rear mine explosion. After the war, Tigran got envolved in professional parasports, particularly in wheelchair racing, skiing and weightlifting. Currently he is training intensively. His goal is to participate in parasport competitions to take place in Georgia and Poland.

Taron Umroyan


Taron was a conscript in military when the war began. Graduated from the Armenian State Institute of Phisical Culture and Sport and was qualified as a coach. Now, he is doing his Masters Degree. Apart from the Institute, he is attending 3D modelling course and taking English classes.

Gegham Ohanyan

Roof specialist, ARTSAKH

Gegham had already been demobilized for 2 months when the war started. However, he didn't hesitate to volunteer for the service. He got injured in Tonashen (Eghnikner) from a shell-bomb and was sheltered in the church before the ambulance arrived. On the way to the Martakert hospital he had a heart failure, but the doctors struggled for his life. After the war Gegham continues to live and work in Artsakh. He builds and rennovates roofs.

Zaven Marutyan

Security worker, YEREVAN

Before the war and now Zaven is the Head of security service of Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences. He participated in the first Artsakh war, April war, and the second 44-day war. His path of war is very long and full of memorable stories (Talish, Mataghis, Martakert, Shushi). He was wounded on November 9 by a mortar. Despite losing his limb, Zaven is leading an active life, works in his garden and builds the roof of his summer house.

Gor Babayan


Gor lived in Russia and worked there as a cook when the war began. He came back to Armenia to stand by his brother who was a soldier. Unfortunately, his brother fell in the battlefield. He himself was injured and was taken to the hospital by his commander. He plans to open a sushi delivery, as he loves preparing shushi.

Hrachya Khachatryan

Car repairing specialist, KOTAYK

It was just 3 months that Hrachya had been enrolled in the military service, when the war began. There were four of them in the trench when they were attacked by a combat tank T-90. It was a miracle that he survived because two of his comrades fell. Hrachya is a car rapairing specialist. He has learnt this craft from his father and they work together. However, he has plans to continue education and acquire new profession.

Khachik Isunts

Khachik was in contract military service in Martuni region of Artsakh. He was injured in the result of a drone attack and lost his leg. He was taken by his fellow servicemen to Stepanakert, after was transferred to Yerevan. His father also lost his leg in this war. Khachik likes to tell interesting stories and talks about the prosthesis with humor.

Suren Martirosyan


Suren was a contract serviceman in Ararat region. Was transferred to Jabrayil and got injured on October 13. His leg was broken in 58 places and doctors couldn't save it. He received a super functional prosthesis, which allows him to lead an active lifestyle. Currently, Suren studies at the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport and wants to become a coach.

Zhora Soghoyan

Zhora was in military service in Hadrut. He had only 3 months to go till demobilization. Got injured by a mortar. Was transferred to Hadrut hospital, were doctors weren't able to save his limb. Likes to hang out with friends.

Harut Kocharyan

Harut was a contract serviceman with 10-year experience in military service. When the war began, he was transferred to Kubatlu and got injured in the result of a mine explosion. He took care of himself and waited for 7 hours for his comrades to take him out of the battlefield. It was a miracle he stayed alive being several meters away from the enemy. Harut is actively training.

Gevorg Srapyan

IT specialist

Gevorg was a conscript in military in Hadrut, where he got injured in the result of a combat tank attack. He was taken to Fizuli and later to Stepanakert military hospital. Gevorg got a highly functional prosthesis which gives him the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. He continues his studies in the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, future IT specialist.

Samvel Saryan

International lawyer

Samvel participated in military actions in Mataghis as military reserve. Got injured in Lulasaz during a drone attack. In February 2021 received his temporary prosthesis in Switzerland. However, being informed that participants of the recent war were receiving the best prosthetics in Armenia, decided to return home. Samvel worked and continues to work in the MoFA of Artsakh, holds a diplomatic position. Leads an active lifestyle.





Funded all prosthetics labs in Armenia (Interorto, Luys Bari, Ortez and Kamar) to provide 86 most advanced and contemporary prosthetic limbs to 76 injured soldiers.

Will provide continuous care for prostheses as well their renewal as needed.

All prostheses are insured by RosGosStrakh for possible replacement if damaged.



Organized and sponsored many international educational seminars in Armenia:
- Foot and Ankle Course: Yerevan, May 1-2.
- Thoracic Surgery Course: Yerevan, June 5-6.
- Cardiovascular Disease Course: Yerevan, June 19-20.
- Hand and Wrist Course: Gyumri, Oct 1-3.

Organized and sponsored many international Online courses (see our website for the complete list).

Donated Equipment


Echocardiograph for the Hanrapetakan Hospital in Stepanakert ($86,000).

Doppler for Extremity Nerve Blocks for Wigmore Clinic ($9,000).

Numerous surgical equipment for many hospitals in Yerevan and Stepanakert (overall worth over $50,000)



Surgeons of Eternal Nation Foundation performed more than 100 surgeries in many hospitals in Armenia and Artsakh (Hanrapetakan hospital in Stepanakert, Hanrapetakan hospital in Yerevan, Erebuni hospital, Wigmore clinic, SlavMed).

All necessary equipment was purchased/donated and delivered by Eternal Nation Foundation and/or doctors and surgeons working for the program.

The Eternal Nation Foundation sponsored more than 10 advanced reconstructive surgeries at the Wigmore clinic by the French Surgeons team.


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