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Board of Directors and Advisory Experts


Armen Hagopjanian

Founder and CEO of the Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Hagopjanian started his medical education in Yerevan State Medical Institute in Armenia. In the US, he successfully continued his pursuit of a medical career. He received his Bachelor Degree of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He later graduated from California College of Podiatric Medicine (currently Samuel Merritt College) with the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Hagopjanian is the President of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Mikayel Israyelyan

CEO of Muse Lifestyle Group, Chairman of RTVi

Mr. Israyelyan is a real-estate developer, seasoned restaurateur and successful entrepreneur. His business consulting company “Muse Lifestyle Group” provides a full range of services as conceptualization and planning, design, build-out, operations, financial management, human resources, marketing, promotions and public relations.

Mr. Israyelyan is a chairman of the board of the New York-based Russian-language television network “RTVI” with more than 29 million monthly viewers worldwide.”

Mr. Israyelyan is the Vice President of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Manvel Tovmasyan

CEO of White House Liquidations

Mr. Tovmasyan studied Statistics in Armenia State University of Economics. He has established multiple successful businesses in both Armenia and the US. He is the founder of White House Liquidation Inc. which has been affiliated with numerous humanitarian organizations, particularly those that work to elevate needs and implement change in Armenia.

Mr. Tovmasyan is the Treasurer of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Tagui Sarkisyan

President of Armenian American Nurses Association

Tagui Sarkisyan earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Southern California and continued her graduate education at the University of California, Los Angeles, specializing in women’s health. From 2005 to 2018, Ms. Sarkisyan was employed at CHA Fertility Center and American Fertility Specialist Medical Group as a clinical and research coordinator. Ms. Sarkisyan is the founder of Simple Steps Fertility and currently serves as the program director. Concurrently to her career, Mrs. Sarkisyan is committed to community outreach projects and has served as a board member to several non-profit organizations such as Athgo International, Armenian Medical International Committee, International Medical Congress of Armenia and the Armenian American Nurses Association.

Ara Kazaryan

General producer of Pan Armenian Television

Studied Television and theatre directing at Yerevan State University of Theatre and Cinematography (Bachelor & Master Degree). Founder of Armenian Entertainment Group and “New Wave Armenian Television.” Hosted numerous popular shows in Armenia and the US.

Art Kalantar

Attorney in Healthcare Field

Art Kalantar is a licensed attorney in charge of a Beverly Hills law firm concentrating in the area of healthcare law. Prior to entering the field of law, Mr. Kalantar was heavily involved for many years in the healthcare industry. He founded and managed several successful ancillary healthcare entities.

Mr. Kalantar is the Secretary of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Anna Khachatrian Kulidjian

Director at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Khachatrian-Kulidjian is a Director of the Orthopedic Oncology Program at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Khachatrian-Kulidjian received her medical education at the University of Toronto. She specializes in orthopedic oncology, adult joint reconstruction and limb preservation surgery. Involved in the 1986 Armenian earthquake recovery efforts, she decided to become a physician after seeing her father, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, bring amputee children from Armenia to Toronto to receive life-changing orthopedic procedures. Dr. Khachatrian-Kulidjian is the Chief Medical Officer of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Shahen Danielyan

Thoracic Surgeon and a leading researcher of Sklifosovsky Institute

Dr. Danielyan is a Thoracic Surgeon and a leading researcher of Department of Emergency Thoraco-Abdominal Surgery, Sklifosovsky Institute, Moscow. Dr. Danielyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University in 1995. He continued his studies in clinical residency at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine in Moscow. Dr. Danielyan is the author of over 170 scientific papers, including monographs, 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 3 guidelines for doctors, 4 chapters in manuals for doctors, and chapters in the National Emergency Medicine Guidelines. Dr. Danielyan is a member of the commission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with a degree in Thoracic Surgery. He is also a board member of the Scientific-Practical Society of Emergency Medicine Physicians.

Norair Zakharyan

Chief of Orthopedic Department, Moscow

Dr. Zakharyan began his medical studies at Yerevan Medical University in 1998. After four years of study, he transferred to the medical faculty of the RUDN University in Moscow and graduated in 2004. From 2006 to 2008, he studied at the residency and postgraduate studies at the RUDN University, in 2008 he defended his degree as a candidate of medical sciences. Since 2014, he has been the head of the orthopedics department at GKB 31. Since 2016, he has been the chief traumatologist of the western district of Moscow. In 2019, Dr. Zakharyan was recognized by the Moscow Department of Health as the Specialist of the Year in the category of the best trauma and orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Zakharyan is a founder of the international educational project Gyumri Orthopedic School.

Atom Ter-Grigoryan

Department Chief of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Neurosurgery, Odintzovo, Russia

Dr. Ter-Grigoryan graduated from Yerevan Medical Institute. He continued his training in Orthopedics and Traumatology in Russia. He specialized in trauma and reconstruction of pelvic fractures. Since 2015 he has been leading the Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Neurosurgery in Odintsovo, Russia, as well as being named the Main Traumatologist of the region.


Artur Janibekyan

Founder of Renaissance Cultural and Intellectual Foundation

Mr. Janibekyan graduated from the Phys-Math School at Yerevan State University with a major in economics. He is the founder of the multi-functional Comedy Club Production, where he serves as CEO and general producer till today. Mr. Janibekyan was named by GQ magazine (Russia) as a Person of the Year 2007 in the ‘Producer of the Year’ category. Between 2012 to 2018 he earned four “Media-Manager of Russia” awards. Mr. Janibekyan founded and sponsored the Ayb Education Foundation, an Armenian educational center comprising a school, church, community center, and kindergarten that combines Armenian education with state-of-the-art educational technologies. For his devotion to spiritual values and holy grounds, Mr. Janibekyan was awarded the highest honor of the Armenian Apostolic Church – the Order of St. Gregory the Illuminator in 2013. He is the recipient of the first-class medal “For Merit for the Motherland (2016).

Ruben Jaghinyan

President of the National Film Academy of Armenia

Mr. Jaghinyan graduated from the Electro technical Engineering Department of the Yerevan State Polytechnic Institute. He is the Co-Founder of SHARM Holding, where he served as a General manager from 1991 to 2013. He served as Chairman of the Council of Public TV and Radio Company of Armenia from 2013 to 2018. Mr. Jaghinyan served as Supervisor of the “Arts Management” course in the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema from 2006 to 2011. From 2005 to 2009 he was the Project manager of “Yerevan” magazine. He is an author/producer of a number of social projects, implemented in association with organizations such as USAID, UNICEF, UNESCO, “Save the children” and others. Mr. Jaghinyan is a recipient of a number of National awards, including 2007 “Garegin Njdeh” medal (2007), “Movses Khorenatsi” medal (2008), Gold medal awarded by RA Ministry of Culture (2008), Second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland (2015), and Medal for the Order of Merit for the Motherland (2016).

Gor Nahapetyan

Professor of SKOLKOVO, Co-Founder of Sensemakers and Friends Charity Foundation

Businessman and philanthropist, Gor Nahapetyan, graduated with honors from the Department of Applied Mathematics at Yerevan State University. Gor started his professional career in 1992 at Dialog Bank. Later he led the group of development of special projects, on the basis of which the Management Company Troika Dialog was created, which he headed in 1996. Mr.Nahapetyan served as Chief of Staff to the President, Managing Director of Troika Dialog. Currently – a member of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, the Gogol Center Support and Development Fund, co-founder of the individual selection service of additional education “Profilum” and communication platform of mentors and experts “Experum”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Robot Corporation.

Grigori Karapetyan

Orthopedic Surgeon, Priorov Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Dr. Karapetyan graduated from the Minsk Medical Institute. He was trained in residency in Yerevan, but then moved to Moscow, and graduated from the graduate school of CITO, where he defended his PhD thesis. His work at the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics is mainly related to active operational and scientific activity. He is engaged in complicated, incorrectly fused fractures of limbs, the replacement of large joints on both the upper and lower extremities. Dr. Karapetyan is a founder of the program for training Armenian surgeons on osteosynthesis at the Ilizarov Center in Kurgan, Russia.

Gevorg Yaghjyan

Co-Founder of Int’l Center for Professional Development, Professor of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Yaghjyan is a skillful physician educator who is experienced as a leader in healthcare. He is a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery who in addition to his own full-time surgical practice in an academic environment, is a consultant to many leading general and sub-specialty surgical centers in Armenia and Artsakh. Dr. Yaghjyan’s proficiency as an academician includes experience as the Vice Dean for Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education at Yerevan State Medical University from 2007-2011. Dr. Yaghjyan has served as Director of Medical Programs at the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia. Dr. Yaghjyan is the Director of Education of the Eternal Nation Foundation.

Gagik Grigoryan

Director RosGosStrakh Armenia Insurance Company

Gagik Grigoryan graduated from the Mechanical Faculty of the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute in 1991 with the specialty of engineering and a degree in Automation and Integrated Mechanization of Mechanical Engineering. Gagik Grigoryan began his career as a Deputy Director for Marketing and External Relations of “Gohar” CJSC. Since 2008, he has been the director of the ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA insurance company, which he brought to the top of the market in a short time. For long-term assistance to the state power structures Gagik Grigoryan was awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia “Cooperation for the Sake of Rescue” in 2012, and in 2015 he was granted the “Vazgen Sargsyan” Medal of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

Armine Barkhudaryan

Founder of Traveling Doctors of Armenia NGO

Dr. Barkhudaryan completed her medical studies and residency in obstetrics and gynecology at First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov. She returned to Armenia and worked as a gynecologist. Dr. Barkhudaryan also went on many charity medical missions in Africa. She was the only gynecologist in Mother of Mercy hospital in the Nuba Mountains in southern Sudan (South Kordofan region). She also undertook a month-long volunteer assignment on the Kenyan side of the Kenya-Somalia border. She also completed a humanitarian mission in Aleppo, Syria.

Garen Koloyan

Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics at “Wigmore Clinic” and “Arabkir” Medical Center

Dr. Koloyan graduated from State Medical University of Tver city, Russia, in 1981. He continued his training in Traumatology and pediatric orthopedics in Central Regional Hospital, town Pochep, Russia, Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Moscow, Russia, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, Portland, Oregon, USA, Hospital St. Vincent de Paul, Paris, France. Dr. Koloyan completed multiple charity medical missions for crippled children in Central America.

Tatyana Ohanessyan

President of VIVA Foundation

Dr. Hovhannisyan, Candidate of Medical Sciences, therapist, gastroenterologist. Graduated with honors from the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy in 2002, later defended her Ph.D. thesis in the field of internal medicine and medical genetics. Now she works as a physician at the 4th City Clinical Hospital. Dr. Ohanessyan is engaged in scientific and teaching activities at the Moscow State Medical University and has over 70 publications.

Armen Petrosyan

Chief of the Orthopedic Dep't and Director of the Center for Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Petrosyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University. He continued his studies in clinical residency at the Priorov Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Dr. Petrosyan continued his postgraduate studies at the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the RUDN University, City Clinical Hospital 31.

Vahagn Manucharyan

Co-Founder of “ALM Medicina,” ambulance company in Moscow

Dr. Manucharyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute in 1993 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Dentistry. He continued his medical dental practice in Moscow. Dr. Manucharyan co-foundered “ALM Medicina,” one of the largest ambulance companies in Moscow. In 2018, he emigrated to the USA, Los Angeles, and started his life from scratch. Currently, Dr. Manucharyan is continuing his studies at the California State University Northridge in the business field and going to get his second bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Risk Management and Insurance.

Ara Ayvazyan

Chief of Department of Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology

Dr. Ayvazyan is a chief of Department of Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology at “Armenia” medical center and Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Dr. Ayvazyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University in 2003. He continued his residency of traumatology and orthopedics at the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Moscow, Russia. In 2007 he defended his PhD thesis and in 2012 the degree of doctor of medical sciences. In 2020 awarded the title of professor. Dr. Ayvazyan regularly participates in charitable medical missions in Armenia and Artsakh.

George Melikian

Director of infectious disease at Facey Medical Group

George Melikian, MD, MPH is a Board certified physician (in infectious diseases and internal medicine), medical director, and professional statistician. He received his masters degree in infectious disease epidemiology and biostatistics from Yale University and his medical degree from New York Medical College. He completed his medicine residency at the University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, and his specialty training in infectious disease medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. Since that time, he has practiced medicine in several roles. Serving as attending physician regional medical director for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, he has successfully managed over 40 specialty clinics in HIV/AIDS healthcare. He is also Principal Investigator on numerous clinical research studies.

Gagik Bdoyan

Chief of the Orthopedic Department at Erebuni Medical Center

Dr. Bdoyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute.

Tevan Ovsepyan

Hospitalist FACEY Medical Group

Dr. Ovsepyan chairs the Department of Hospitalist Medicine for FMG where he oversees the hospitalist programs at two different hospitals, as well as coverage for affiliated skilled nursing homes and high-risk patient post-discharge services. Dr. Ovsepyan also serves on the Board of Directors for FMG, the Medical Executive Committee at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center (PHCMC) and chairs the Health information Management Committee at PHCMC and the Peer Review Committee within FMG.

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